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Horsham Anti-Fluoridation Group was formed in October 2005 to fight compulsory fluoridation of Horsham's water supply.

The community voted on fluoridation at a referendum in 1978 and the introduction was soundly beaten by an 84.6% vote against the introduction.

This 1978 referedum has blatantly been ignored and the Victorian Chief Health Officer Dr Hall has ordered the water supply to be fluoridated without any further referendum.   There can only be one reason for such an unethical move by his department and the Victorian Government, "THEY ARE NOT GAME TO GO TO A REFERENDUM. THEY KNOW IT WILL BE BEATEN BY AN EVEN LARGER PERCENTAGE".  If they don't agree with this, we challenge them to a referendum.

It is obvious that our democracy is being threatend by the dictatorial attitude that is presently being displayed in relation to their actions on this fluoridation issue, issues such as this that are taking place without consultation.  Consultation claims made by their departments on recent issues relating to fluoridation would not cover 1% of the community.

To everyone who supports the act of fluoridation of water supplies; we would ask them one simple question, have they stopped to think of the wonderful track record of our doctors, dentists and governments?

DOCTORS through their actions of prescribing ‘Thalidomide’ and the many other so called wonder drugs that have been discontinued, through these actions they were recommending the medication to their patients, and we all know what devastation ‘Thalidomide’ caused.

DENTISTS through their use of ‘Mercury in Amalgam Fillings, were recommending this procedure to their patients, ask the one’s that were effected by these fillings whether they considered it was the right recommendation.

GOVERNMENTS who took sixty years to ban asbestos, this would be little comfort to those who have lost a love one or the present day sufferers from the effects of asbestos to their health.

All these groups recommend fluoridation of water supplies, a known toxic chemical that has been used as an insecticide and rat poison.

The Victorian State Government is so sure that it’s so ‘Rock Solid and Safe’ they have the following clause firmly imbedded in the ‘Health Act’:

The Health (Fluoridation) Act 1973 - Version 012 - Act No. 8506/1973, now reads:

Section 4 - Protection from rights of action No person has any right of action against

a) a water supply authority; or
b) a member of a water supply authority; or
c) a person acting under the direction of a water
supply authority; or
d) a person acting on behalf of a water supply authority under a contract made between that authority and the person in respect of anything done in regard to the fluoridation of a public water supply in accordance with the provisions of this Act.

If the Victorian State Government are so sure that the ‘Safety of Fluoridation of our Water Supplies is so Rock Solid’ why is it necessary to have this clause inserted in the “Health Act’?

The government should prove their sincerity by removing this clause from the “Health Act’ and replace it with,  ‘We guarantee that no harmful health effects to the community will be caused by fluoridation of water supplies and if there is any ill health caused, or death from this procedure, the person or their families will be compensated by the government’.

Until such time as the Victorian State Government is prepared to give us this ‘ROCK SOLID GUARANTEE ON THE SAFETY OF FLUORIDATION’ it should not be added to our water supplies.

Most people who are against fluoridation of water supplies are not running a campaign to stop people who wish to take fluoride tablets or brush their teeth with fluoride tooth past.   “That is their freedom of choice”.


And while you are considering denying us our choice, take a very close look at the ‘International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights contained in the International Bill of Rights’.

Article 5(1) - Part 11 and Article 7 - Part 111 of the chapter titled International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights contained in The International Bill of Rights - United Nations, New York 1993.

The very first words of the Nuremberg Principles, formulated in 1945-46 after World War 2 as a response to Nazi medical experiments on humans are:

"The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. This means that the person involved should have the legal capacity to consent, should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice without any element of force ... form of constraint or coercion."

In other words the Nuremberg Court found it a criminal practice to force medication on any person or community, but our elected State politicians turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to such a moral law.

We would therefore submit that compulsory fluoridation of public drinking water supplies is unequivocally contrary to the Nuremberg Principles.

Unfortunately the Victorian State Government pressed ahead with fluoridation without a referendum which would have clearly indicated that it was against the wishes of the majority of citizens within the community.

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